Remote Ethernet Communication with i2o Peer to Peer Technology

Emerson Electronic are pleased to offer Acromag’s Remote Ethernet Communication with i2o Peer to Peer Technology!

Take a look as we illustrate how Acromag provides a reliable, simple way to communicate with multiple distant locations.
Acromag’s Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP I/O, and Profinet products offer a variety of solutions for remote I/O, distributed process control, and factory automation applications. Analog and discrete Ethernet I/O modules interface sensors and actuators to controllers with Modbus TCP/IP or Ethernet/IP CIP protocol network communication.



NEW XMCAP200 Acro Pack Carrier

Advance your VME application and save precious card slots
to reduce costs.
Build your next upgrade with the three easy steps below.
1. Select a VME single board computer, choose Intel Celeron or
Intel Core i7 Processors.
2. Decide front or rear I/O with this XMC carrier card, choose 2 slots
with front or rear I/O options.
3. Add your I/O with AcroPack I/O or FPGA mezzanine modules to
customize your application.
New AcroPack® carrier cards offer more I/O options for VPX, XMC and
PCI Express embedded systems.
AcroPack® Series of I/O mezzanine modules and carriers provide a cost-effective solution for a modular approach to system assembly enabling application-specific customization.

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eNetX-MA4™ Provides Rugged Network Bridging for 1553 and ARINC Interfaces

Rio Rancho, NM (January 12, 2016) – Alta Data Technologies (Alta) has released an innovative network product for rugged applications that provides real-time Ethernet conversion for MIL-STD-1553/ARINC-A429/717 interface: eNetX-MA4. Alta’s ENET product family implements a FPGA thin server (no processor or IP stack) for secure, real-time Ethernet UDP connectivity for 1553 and ARINC interfaces. The eNetX product adds vehicle power, EMC and shock/vibe capability for rugged environment applications. In addition to 1553/ARINC controls, bus signals can be generated and captured remotely for protocol and electrical troubleshooting.

“The eNetX-MA4 is a logical extension to our very successful ENET product family. Almost every avionics or communication topology implements Ethernet, and now it is easy to add rugged, low-cost, real-time connectivity for one or two 1553 networks (busses) and/or four ARINC channels to the system LAN. Our engineers did an amazing job adding MIL-704F power management while still maintaining an incredibly small footprint – a little bigger than a 4-stub 1553 coupler. With eNetX tested to MIL-STD-704F/461F/810G and DO-160 Sec 22, customers have a low-power, low-cost COTS bridge solution for their vehicle network designs.” states Harry Wild, Vice President of Sales for Alta.

Jake Haddock, Alta CTO, adds “Most other products on the market are processor based with unsecure operating system IP stacks that greatly slow down Ethernet communications, but ENET’s thin server UDP interface provides secure, real-time Ethernet/1553/ARINC bridging/conversion. ENET products provide advanced controls of traditional 1553/ARINC interfaces, and simultaneously can auto bridge/transmit PPS, IRIG, IEEE-1588 time-stamped 1553/ARINC UDP packets. There is a fast auto-boot feature where 1553/ARINC and MIL-1760 controls can be managed through straight UDP socket communications as implemented on almost every OS, even DO-178 compliant systems.”

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Emerson Electronic Equipment Ltd are pleased to announce the release of the PC104E-MA4 interface card for PCI/104-Express™ and PCIe/104™ systems from Alta Technologies. This new card combines popular MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC interface channels on a single card with lower power and cost savings for PC104 (PCIe) based systems. The card can have one or two 1553 channels (Dual or Full Function BC, mRT and BM modes) and 8 ARINC-429 channels (four RX/TX and four RX Channels).

Alta Data - PC104E-MA4-250px With the PC104E-MA product, we’ve combined our popular 1553 and ARINC protocol engine cores along with advanced signal capture and signal generation capability to provide unparalleled data controls and advance test capability. Our advanced FPGA protocol engine and software architecture allowed Alta to implement and deliver this new product in record time with more advanced features than other legacy products”, states Harry Wild, Vice President of Sales for Alta.



Emerson Electronic Equipment Ltd has more than 30 years of experience, providing and supporting aerospace and military design.

Today Emerson Electronic Equipment not only support the best possible MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC-429/717 COTS communications products and service in the Aerospace Industry from Alta Data Technologes, we also offer a full line of PCI, PCI Express (PCIe) interface cards for almost any computer backplane, to our innovative real-time Ethernet connectivity devices, Emerson is proud to work with Alta Data Technologies who bring innovative design and best in class service for Mil standard 1553 and ARINC429 customers. – All backed with a best in market 5 year limited warranty