Coaxial Cable

MilesTek provides a full line of coaxial products serving Broadcast, RF, Networking, Security, and Microwave applications.  The products included CATV. CCTV, Serial Digital and LMR products.  Bulk lengths are available.

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Typically used for low-power video and radio frequency (RF) signal connections, RG59 performs well at lower frequencies.  With 95% coverage, this cable’s copper shielding blocks most interference at baseband frequencies.


DS3 Telecom Cable
MilesTek is one of the leading manufacturers of DS3 Central Office connectivity products to the telecommunications industry. Providing a complete offering of connectors, tools, bulk cable, cable assemblies and rack accessories for the DS3 installer.


RF-Microwave RG-type Cable
MilesTek offers a complete line of RF and Microwave cables in both 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm varieties.