COM Express

COM Express where COM stands for Computer-on-module is a compact and highly integrated PC form factor. It can used in many applications in the same way an integrated circuit component would be. Due to industry requirements USB3, DisplayPort & HDMI were recently added to the COM Express modules pin-out definitions.

The modules each integrate memory and CPU functionality with a common I/O of audio, graphics, USB and Ethernet – There are connectors on the underside of the COM express module that these signals are mapped to.

Emerson Electronic Equipment was formed over 30 years ago and we are able to offer a complete solution with COM Express products that are off the shelf and ready for deployment. We provide a flexible, high-performance hardware platform for reliable performance wherever the job takes you.

We can supply rugged COM express products from Acromag that are compact and offer extensive flexibility for I/O Processing. Our carrier cards support bother Type II and Type III modules. They have a small footprint and include gigabit ports, RS232/422 ports, USB ports and other features.

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