NEW XMCAP200 Acro Pack Carrier

Advance your VME application and save precious card slots
to reduce costs.
Build your next upgrade with the three easy steps below.
1. Select a VME single board computer, choose Intel Celeron or
Intel Core i7 Processors.
2. Decide front or rear I/O with this XMC carrier card, choose 2 slots
with front or rear I/O options.
3. Add your I/O with AcroPack I/O or FPGA mezzanine modules to
customize your application.
New AcroPack® carrier cards offer more I/O options for VPX, XMC and
PCI Express embedded systems.
AcroPack® Series of I/O mezzanine modules and carriers provide a cost-effective solution for a modular approach to system assembly enabling application-specific customization.